MockingBird Band

MockingBird is a fun, family-friendly popular cover band from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Reviews From Past Shows

"Thank you very much for the wonderful performance. We had over 100 people at our private party and the comments from everyone were excellent. From the moment you began to play, people were dancing and having a great time. They danced until the very last song. We appreciate the fact that you gave us a song list of over 100 songs and allowed us to choose all of the songs we wanted to hear. Also, you played for 4 1/2 hours even though you were only contracted for 4 hours. We recommend your group and look forward to having you play for us again next year.""
-Pat and Pete

"We heard MockingBird perform for the Special Olympics Chili Cook-Off this weekend. The song selections played offered something for everyone to enjoy dancing and singing along to. Their music definitely helped to add to making it a great day!"

"I think your next performance will be the best. Looking to have fun and listen to good tunes at the BrewVino Steer Roast Algoma!"

About Our Band

MockingBird is a full, energetic and harmonious sounding band; blending acoustic, bass and electric guitars with vocals, keyboards and drums. They perform a variety of 60’s to 80’s classic-rock, and country-rock standards.

The Forming Of MockingBird:

In 2000 Terry Worth moved his little family up to Kewaunee, Wisconsin, to start a new full-time art teaching position. In 2009, Terry met up with Bill Wright, and together they formed Worth and Wright. In 2012, Roy Malvitz and Bob VandenBranden joined with Worth and Wright to form MockingBird. Malvitz later left MockingBird to collaborate with one of his old 60's bandmates. Leo Jelinek joined MockingBird in 2015. Leo retired from the band in the fall of 2018. Tony Williams joined the band in the winter of 2019. Bill Wright retired from the band in September of 2019. Dave Wilson joined the band in September of 2019. Terry Worth retired from the band in November of 2021. Greg Loreti joined the band in December of 2021.

Band Members:

Greg Loreti - Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards

Tony Williams - Electric Guitar

Dave Wilson - Bass Guitar/Guitar/Vocals

Bob VandenBranden - Drums/Vocals


Kewaunee and Green Bay Wisconsin

Record Label:
DSWilson Records

General Managers/Booking Agents:
Bob VandenBranden